Some of my Testimonials......

" I reached out to Gina when I reached a crossroad in my 15+ year marketing career. I had a lot of questions about my future and Gina was extremely helpful. She not only had both 30,000 ft view on things but she also helped me do a deep dive on my skill set to make sure I was putting my best self out there. Since our meetings, I've not only found the perfect job for my new chapter, but I've shared her words of wisdom with many of my like minded friends and colleagues. She is patient, really listened to my concerns and fears, and responded with empathy and honesty. I highly recommend her for both professional and corporate growth."  Jordan N

"I have worked with Gina for about 2 1/2 years. She provides management coaching and advice to employees in a professional and caring manner. Gina is able to see all sides to a situation, while remaining a neutral party and guiding individuals towards an appropriate solution. She always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend her expertise. "  Beth B

Gina’s coaching style is not only pragmatic and forthright, she is also a very down-to-earth and a caring kind of human being.  For example offering her services on her own time in a random encounter during one of her visits she had at my company.  She did not have to, but instead wanted to, and made me felt I was important enough.  Gina is an excellent listener and observer, and picking up ques from people and providing feedback and constructive criticisms at the right moment.  She helped restored the confidence in myself by encouraging me to listen to my own inner wisdom again, instead of the judgements and opinions of others that are often misguided themselves. Gina has a way to make you feel comfortable, like if you were having a deep and spiritual conversation with a longtime kindred friend, seeking to grow you as an individual and wanting you to thrive on your success.  Thank you Gina from the bottom of my heart!     Julie

I have had the opportunity to work with Gina for over a year now and I have been continually impressed with her insight into the operational and relationship dynamics of our office.  She brings a wealth of business resources, training, and creative processes.  More than that though, is her caring for the personal success along with business strategies that make a difference.
Gary S. Godshall
PrideStaff - Long Beach

​Gina Kano, is amazing! I have nothing but great affinity for her.    She has helped me become a better person and leader through her coaching techniques over the years. I find her leadership and mentoring skills to be impeccable. I am ever so grateful to have crossed paths with her and the positive impact she has in my life.  SB

Gina has been an invaluable asset to me and our management team at Nissin USA.  We have utilized her diverse skill set as a coach, trainer and strategic partner regarding organizational issues.  Her business experience combined with her commonsense, straight-forward style instill trust and respect and make her extremely effective when dealing with senior managers.”  Al M

My wife and current business partner has run her own home-based business for the last five years, but at 60 after being aged out from the corporate world, our small business was my first foray in self-employment. My background is engineering not business, so my comfort level at understanding how to run a business was not high. We met Gina through BNI mixers and our impression of her was positive enough to overcome our natural reticence to open the door to a relative stranger. Those early impressions proved correct. As we got to know Gina better and hear of her extensive business background we found her greatly qualified to observe us and tap us in the right direction. Gina quickly identified a critical area in which work was needed and set about to guide us to the meaningful self-discovery to see the issues and correct the non-optimal business behaviors. Gina’s approach was gentle but direct and we appreciated being treated respectfully and not like porcelain figurines. Gina’s impartial third person insights were, of course, correct. And while objectivity somewhat grants a large measure of being right, it was our trust in Gina’s experience and style that help us to swallow the medicine and make progress.  HT